Time for a change of approach at Kitchener city hall

After 38 years of local journalism and column writing, I’m seeking election to city council in Kitchener’s Ward 9.

The ward includes Victoria Park, a beautiful neighbourhood where I live with the very patient and caring love of my life, Sue Coulter.

It also includes the Cherry Park, Mill-Courtland, Cedar Hill, Rockway and St. Mary’s communities as well as the section of Kitchener’s downtown located on the south side of King Street.

Ward 9 is an extremely diverse part of our city that includes Victoria Park, a historic, inner-city gem. It also contains numerous heritage properties, both hospitals, the University of Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy and McMaster University’s School of Medicine.

The ward is a vital and important area that needs and deserves nothing less than full-time representation from a fully engaged, widely informed and knowledgeable councillor.

In what will be my first bid for office, I will bring a change of approach to a council that will increase in size from six to 10 seats on October 25, election day.

That change involves listening carefully to voters and providing a greatly improved response to community concerns. As part of a larger, more representative and voter-responsive council, I plan to take a clear stand on issues, be voter inclusive and pay close attention to the interests of people and their neighbourhoods.

I originally became a journalist convinced the media should give top priority to social issues while standing up for those who don’t  have much of a say in our society.

During my journalism career, I have repeatedly learned and appreciated what a positive difference committed, courageous individuals can make in our communities. That difference involves everything from helping vulnerable, disadvantaged people to preserving  and protecting the quality of our city neighbourhoods.

With your support, that’s the difference I will try hard to make as your city councillor.

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