Rain almost stops play in Ward 9

A spectacular storm and heavy rain forced us indoors last night. We — my darling wife, Sue and I — canvassed apartment buildings on the edge of Victoria Park.

In those buildings, a number of residents expressed concern about two neighbouring crackhouses on David Street — an ongoing, very obvious issue that has existed since we moved into the park in the early 1980s.

Part of the problem with these eyesore properties has to do with lack of desire to enforce firecode regulations and Kitchener’s wimpy property-standards bylaw. This means, despite repeated police visits, we have a situation where, because of activity at the houses, elderly residents are afraid to go out on summer evenings.

Both properties should have been condemned years ago.

Today, depending on rain showers, we plan to be on Park Street, returning to the St. Mary’s area this afternoon and Homewood Avenue this evening.

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