On Homewood Ave., Gemma writes stories

Canvassing Homewood Avenue, one of the most vital, neighbourly and beautiful streets around Ward 9’s Victoria Park, a delightful highlight of our Friday night was a little girl called Gemma.

Sitting at a small table on her front lawn, Gemma said she was busy writing a story about a treehouse. She said she reads lots and often writes stories. Her grandma told us that Gemma sometimes sits outside and, for 25 cents, offers to write a story for anyone passing by.

After telling us she will be a writer when she grows up, Gemma won the heart of my cat-loving wife, Sue, by taking her inside the house to show off her marmalade kitten “Peaches.”

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2 Responses to On Homewood Ave., Gemma writes stories

  1. Anna says:

    Gemma was equally charmed. She went around telling everyone that her friend was a famous author and she is going to be one too! Thanks for the book, it has made the rounds also, with everyone who passes being pressed to read the dedication. Thanks for taking the time to chat – Gemma is getting lots of mileage out of this one!

    • frank etherington says:

      Gemma reminded me of my daughter, Jainin, featured in the book about the Bridgeport General, a former crossing guard.
      Ironically, that little girl went to Kitchener council to help the General when the city told him he could no longer do the job he loved.
      Gemma’s a gem who, I have no doubt, will one day be a famous author.
      My wife is also getting mileage out of the story that Gemma — recognizing a cat lover — said she could live in the basement with Peaches the kitten.
      Because living with a candidate makes Sue weary, she liked Gemma’s comment “the bed down there is the most comfortable in the house.”

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