Cats and dogs in Ward 9, Kitchener

Out of the sky and on dozens of doorsteps there were cats and dogs most of the weekend.

In addition to the weather, canvassing has its moments.

Like the one sitting in the lobby of a high-rise building nursing sore feet and trying to stay awake while I write, for what seems like the 9,000th time “Sorry I missed you, Frank.”

A repetitive candidate task completed in this particular case to bouncy-bouncy piped-music sounds of piano-accordion polka music as the rain poured down outside.

On the floors above occasional tenants ask who let us into their secure building.

Bombarded by candidates thumping on their doors, they could be excused the question and for not knowing about provincial legislation allowing canvassers open access to all buildings. Some landlords and superintendents seem unaware there are fines of up to $25,000 for refusing canvassers entry.

Today, Labour Day, we’re scheduled to be on streets between Queen and Stirling depending on weather.

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