Ward 9 burning issue

While canvassing different sections of Ward 9 we have had several complaints from residents annoyed by backyard fires.

We heard one such complaint in the Rockway neighbourhood last night from homeowners unhappy their house fills with smoke every time a nearby resident burns material in a fire-pit device allowed by Kitchener bylaws. They said the only way they can avoid the problem on hot summer nights is to close all windows.

After experiencing similar problems — including large bonfires — near our Victoria Park home, I’m telling voters that, if elected, I would review the existing bylaw to try to find a compromise where no one — fire lovers and haters — gets fired up about the issue.

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4 Responses to Ward 9 burning issue

  1. Hi Frank:
    I am not in your ward.. However regarding the outdoor firepits.. It’s nice to have a pit in the yard.
    Yes they should be controlled, yes you should have consideration for your neighbours.. BUT….
    On numerous occasions in the winter, we have had to suffer through smoke coming into our home via the ventilation system.
    At one point one very cold crispy night we actually thought our house was on fire. Just an added thought.!!

    • Frank Etherington says:

      Too bad you’re not in Ward 9. I would suggest you call the fire department to see if anything can be done.

  2. Al Deep says:

    Hi Frank;
    Super happy that you finally ‘took the big step into politics’…. I’m a retired educator in Waterloo County…. spent 7 great years teaching at Courtland School, much of my Principal’s experience was at Margaret Ave School but they finally gave me Courtland where I retired from in ’93 -the best students and school in my 35 year career. Being from Downtown Windsor as a child/ student growing up, the downtown areas have always been special to me and need special interested people to represent it. Following your newspaper career, agreeing and some disagreements, I always felt you would be a great choice for this area after I learned that you live in the area. I’m glad you have taken the step as my own personal political interests have ended as aging issues would interfere. Presently l live on Victoria South when I began to lose my wife to alzheimer’s since 2006. You have my support as I will promote you as Ward 9 choice, to all I meet. All the best Oct 25th…….Al

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