Forgive us, our Ward 9 trespasses

Ringing doorbells or thumping on doors around Ward 9, I’m astounded at the patience and generosity displayed by voters as we gallop up driveways to invade their privacy.

Yesterday we were on Mill Street and in the Cherry Park area and, as with other parts of the ward, we were arriving at the worst of weekend times. Across the ward, we’ve interrupted voters as they eat dinner, bath babies, cook at barbeques, do gardening. renovate the house and work at a a host of other tasks.

Despite that fact, in a huge majority of cases, people are receptive and engaged, often dismissing our apologies and expressing their gratitude we made the effort to come around.

Having said that, there’s always the exception. Like the man who wrenched open his door and, with a strange look in his eye, hissed that all politicians were “evil and should be shot.”

I didn’t stay to discuss gun control.

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