People power in Ward 9

Canvassing in and around the Belmont,  South, Mill, Homewood and Brock areas we were struck by the impact engaged residents can have on council when they protest what they see as developments that threaten their communities.

In the Belmont and South area, residents got together to protest a proposal to build town homes at the edge of beautiful Lakeside Park. They were concerned the development would one again revive an old plan to extend Homer Watson Blvd. from Stirling Ave. S. through the park to link up with Belmont.

As already mentioned in this blog, residents on Brock, Homewood and Mill were protesting a ludicrous toxic-soil treatment plant proposed on an industrial site near Highland and Queen smack in the heart of a residential area near St. Mary’s Hospital.

In both cases, well organized, grass-roots resident groups flexed their muscles, went to council and defeated the proposals.

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