Accent on Glasgow Street humour

About 30 seconds into my very best doorstep-candidate pitch, the woman on Glasgow Street interrupted to say I had her vote and she would like a sign placed on her lawn.

Puzzled at such a rapid response, I asked why.

“I like your accent,” she said.

Another sign was delivered to an elderly woman elsewhere on Glasgow who called to say she missed us when we canvassed her home.

“I was in the tub,” she said.

“I’m very sorry we missed you,” I said in my most polite candidate voice.

“Sorry? You would have been sorry and scared stiff if I’d jumped out of the tub and come to the door looking like that…”

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1 Response to Accent on Glasgow Street humour

  1. Chuck Howitt says:

    Funny stuff. I particularly liked the one about the woman and the bathtub.

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