Falling bird poop and tree branches in Ward 9

It’s quickly becoming  obvious there’s huge range of problems voters expect their elected councillor to address and solve.

Justifiably so.

Going door to door this past week in parts of Ward 9 that included the Rockway, Cherry Par, Victoria-Belmont and Walter-Gruhn neighbourhoods, residents asked what could be done about a variety of grass-root issues.

They included an abandoned, decaying industrial building, poor management vision at the city-owned Rockway golf course, lack of action by city and hydro officials to trim dead branches falling from trees, uneven pathways difficult to manage with a baby stroller and sidewalks carpeted with vast volumes of squishy droppings produced after the mysterious appearance of thousands of birds in neighbourhood trees.

Meanwhile, visiting a Queen Street retirement home, we heard once again about seniors and staff who have to cope with scary problems associated with a dilapidated crackhouse on David Street.

Living beside the park, I know that drugs have been sold for many years at that property despite ongoing efforts by police and fire officials. Seniors, staff and elderly tenants at nearby buildings tell us they are afraid to walk near the house, especially after dark.

I would hope increased policing and my intent to strengthen and enforce the city’s property standards bylaw would help end the ongoing crackhouse issue.

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