No rotten fruit allowed at Ward 9 all-candidates meet

The next meeting where voters can question, mingle and meet Kitchener’s Ward 9 candidates takes place Tuesday Oct. 12 at the Working Centre’s Queen Street Commons cafe.

Organized by the Working Centre, the meeting, at 43 Queen Street South, is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.

During times when voter turnout has dropped to an appalling 26 per cent in Kitchener’s municipal elections, community groups and individuals organizing these sessions should be commended for providing voters with an opportunity to meet and find out a little more about their candidates.

I will post information on similar sessions as we get closer to the Oct. 25 election and voters should remember that rotten fruit or vegetables are not allowed at all-candidate meetings.

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2 Responses to No rotten fruit allowed at Ward 9 all-candidates meet

  1. Sonya says:

    In your opinion, why do you feel there has been such low voter turnout in recent years? Do you have any ideas on to change this?

    • Frank Etherington says:

      Thanks for your excellent question.
      In Ward 9, I hope we’re on our way to changing that low turnout by having a healthy and interesting contest for the council position that features six candidates. Across the city, the fact we will end up with so many new faces on council is also likely to influence voter turnout. Too bad there isn’t more action in the mayoralty contest because that, in turn, could also influence and improve voter turnout. In past years we have had minimal change in council membership and little election spark with the same-old, same-old incumbents constantly returning to office and why would those incumbents care about low voter turnout?
      Another reason for low voter turnout has to do with the fact people, particularly young people, can’t vote on line. Municipalities like Kitchener have to investigate ways to make it easier for residents to vote.
      If elected, I intend to seek solutions and advocate for programs Kitchener can use to address the worsening voter-turnout issue.

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