Tie and butterflies at Ward 9 debate

Fighting a bad case of the butterflies, I joined other Ward 9 candidates for a live debate organized by Rogers TV and 570 News last night.

The butterflies seemed to stop fluttering when I remembered the advice of 10-year-old Shaunessy who lives in the Victoria Park portion of Ward 9.

Shaunessy came by our house as I prepared for the TV appearance. She wanted  one of our election signs and some brochures to use in an election debate at her school.

When I confided I was very nervous she smiled and offered the following words of wisdom:

“You’re my favourite candidate and you shouldn’t be nervous. When I’m nervous, I fight myself. I do it all the time.  You should try it.”

I thought of Shaunessy as candidates were peppered with questions from a media panel and residents watching the debate.

I appreciate the time and effort Rogers and 570 have invested in this comprehensive series of candidate debates and commend engaged voters for their excellent questions.

I’m also very grateful to Shaunessy.

If you missed the live production, tune in for a repeat broadcast on Cable 20 scheduled for 4 p.m. today and 1 p.m. Sunday.

It’s one of the few occasions voters will see me wearing a tie.

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