Carl’s not running for council in Ward 9

Now the all-candidate meetings are finished, we’re in the final days of the Ward 9 councillor campaign leading up to Monday’s vote.

Which means still more canvassing and the bizarre custom of standing on a corner clutching an Elect Frank Etherington sign and waving at bewildered motorists.

It reminds me of the “honk-your-horn” game I’ve seen kids play as they stand beside a road.

Early this morning, I was honking my horn at the Queen-Courtland intersection, jigging around in an effort to stay warm when a very serious little girl approached and waited for a green light so she could cross Queen.

Understandably, she thought I was several bricks short of a load as she watched me waving at cars, trucks and buses.

She read the sign but didn’t respond to my smile, clownish behaviour or sign waggling.

As she walked across Queen she looked over her shoulder.

“I’m not voting for you,” she said. “I’m voting for Carl.”

“Carl Who?” I said, presuming she meant Mayor Zehr.

But she didn’t reply.

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1 Response to Carl’s not running for council in Ward 9

  1. Nicole says:

    Haha! Congratulations Frank!

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