LRT moving too fast

Regional LRT officials are urging that Kitchener councillors and taxpayers give rapid transit to unacceptable street-design plans for inner-city stations.

This means — because of unrealistic, rushed  deadlines — they are trying to ram poor quality urban design down the throats of residents and city councillors who were recently impressed with attractive, futuristic LRT design illustrations  promoted at Ion public meetings.

An example of poor design?

Ugly hydro sub-stations planned beside LRT stations including those proposed  at Grand River Hospital, Borden Avenue and Charles-Cedar Streets near Kitchener Market. The prefabricated sub-stations, each measuring 50 x 16 feet, look like a cross between portable toilet trailers and cargo shipping containers.

This week, council unanimously supported my motion asking regional officials to find ways to improve the appearance of  sub-stations. Ion boosters will also be asked to examine how other cities  improved sub-station design and then discuss  results with affected community groups.

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3 Responses to LRT moving too fast

  1. Lisa Harmey says:

    Interesting about the substations…Any pictures Frank?


    Lisa Harmey BArch. RIBA

    BCIN 36772 (Ontario)

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Frank Perhaps these sub-stations can partner up with Tim Hortons and add little kiosks on the side of them for our weary ION passengers…. Food for thought is that when the Ontario government signed the money for the LRT project, the same month, the Ontario government stopped its start-up allowance for those on ODSP, which is $799.00 every 2 years for moving expenses and or items like a new mattress, kitchen items ETC, this was a punch in the stomach for those who depended on this money . Now that program was down loaded to the region where there is no money for those simple things we all take for granted. The poor helped fund this project, and a further erosion of our social structure just snuck by us and went backwards and no body noticed….forcing certain folks to beg, borrow and steal…. In summary, there should be a bigger story to tell in the human cost to this, not how sub-station look. Brian Barlett

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  3. LRT or Ion is poor timed given our societies other needs that we already cant afford

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