Boathouse future

Considering the enormous potential of this unique venue, I was very disappointed that The Boathouse in Victoria Park could not stay afloat.

And while this is not the place to get into confidential details about what happened, I can say my frustration was shared by councillors and city staff who are committed to the local music scene and, during recent months, worked hard to keep The Boathouse alive.

As Ward 9 councillor I’m now looking forward to the rebirth of what will be a new and improved Boathouse in May of 2014. Hopefully the business will attract more customers while retaining the vibrant musical character of the venue.

In the next few months, city staff will seek proposals from those interested in operating the new music and restaurant business alongside our beautiful lake. Interior renovations paid for by taxpayers and the new operator are scheduled to take place in January.

Meanwhile, until the new venue reopens, I’m supporting efforts to have the Boathouse or another downtown building provide a temporary home where local musicians can continue to find employment and entertain their fans.

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