Washroom down the toilet?

Councillors will vote on whether or not to reconsider the future of much-needed public washrooms proposed at the clock-tower end of Victoria Park when they meet Monday at a 2.30 p.m. meeting of special council.

A few weeks ago councillors rejected a $564,000 tender for washrooms in a 5-5 vote. The decision came after the city budgeted $400,000 for this project with $200,000 coming from the federal government.

Now, in  order to reopen the subject, we need support from six of the nine councillors who will be present Monday.

Despite the cost, and, believe me I share cost concerns, I have several reasons for supporting and reconsidering the issue.

The first involves a tight construction timeline, To qualify for that federal $200,000, work has to start immediately and we must have the building  under way by March.

Second reason  involves Victoria Park visitors and festival goers from all sections of the city who want better quality washrooms in this gorgeous location. The public helped pick the David-Jubilee site for the proposed toilets while council approved necessary heritage requirements for the building. We also approved an additional family washroom and a sheltered area where skaters can change before using nearby rinks.

The third has to do with the fact that, if council rejects the washrooms, it will help torpedo future success of The Boathouse. In order to have a successful business, those  operating the bar-restaurant and music venue do not want to police and share washroom space with the public.

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1 Response to Washroom down the toilet?

  1. Rick Martin says:

    I’m sure you know where I stand on this Frank. Give ’em hell. We need the toilets, and we need the Boathouse to have its own toilets.

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