Toilet humour in washroom debate

Six councillors are, ahem, flush with success after finally approving public washrooms  for Victoria Park.

My motion to support the off-again, on-again washroom project was last night backed by Councillors Berry Vrbanovic, Kelly Galloway-Sealock, Dan Glenn-Graham, Bill Ioannidis and Mayor Carl Zehr.

Meanwhile Coun. John Gazzola took his ball and went home by shouting protests, refusing to vote and stomping out of the special council meeting. Supporting actor Coun. Zyg Janecki joined the theatrics by tailing Gazzola out of the session.

Which raises an obvious question for thousands of Kitchener voters in wards represented by Gazzola and Janecki, councillors who oppose the $565,000 washrooms:

How were they served in a debate dealing with an important, expensive local issue when their councillors refused to stay in the meeting in order to vote?

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