Do you want PM statues in Victoria Park?

Your turn to speak up.

Kitchener council wants to know if you like or dislike a statue-leadership project proposed for Victoria Park.

The $2-million project involves placing 22 bronze statues of Canadian Prime Ministers around the outside pathway of the Common area in front of the clock tower.

The proposal, endorsed by Governor General David Johnston, is the brainchild of two very passionate local residents, Dave Caputo and Jim Rodger.

Councillors were told about the sesquicentennial initiative this week when its promoters tabled the idea and requested public reaction before next March when it will return to council. A final decision is expected by next June.

A few positives and negatives associated with the idea:

On the plus side, promoters have received pledges for $1 million of the required $2 million and hope to receive more money from federal-provincial governments to help pay for a proposal that is designed to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.

The statues would also be a first in Canada and might attract tourism dollars. It would also provide a lasting historical resource for educators.

Among the negatives, Kitchener taxpayers are being asked to donate $300,000 to pay for statue bases, landscaping and cleanup of vandalism which, considering the dubious antics of some PMs, is bound to happen.

Some critics argue that numerous other Canadians are far more worthy of statues than unelected Prime Ministers.

There are also questions about why Canadians would fete some PMs who have displayed appalling leadership. Examples include the internship camps for Japanese residents and rejection of Jewish refugees facing extermination in Germany by a Prime Minister who also  praised Hitler.

Help decide. Email me at so I can pass on your opinions to council.

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5 Responses to Do you want PM statues in Victoria Park?

  1. Great Idea who’s paying?

    Like most things Frank we as a society have to stop spending money we don’t have.
    There is nothing wrong with doing these things, but spending public money, to do it, plus maintain it, just adds to our already off side borrow & spend public policy.

    The people of this city, province and country are to busy working and to pay taxes, while the elected officials, with the encouragement of a few continue to out spend the publics ability to pay.

    Food Banks and other hand up programs are getting pushed to the limit, cause people can’t live with big government, let alone have kids and a family to feed, putting them in a home, clothes, sports, school etc.. is just to much for the majority

    Thank you for reaching out


  2. Diane Pinkerton says:

    I know I’d be angry every time i’d see the statues in the park. Both, because I can’t think of a less worthy group of people for this acknowledgement than our prime ministers and there are many, many better ways to spend $300K of our municipal dollars. (inReach, a much more effective way to spend money, has just three weeks of life remaining because of lack of funding.)
    And, of course, our generous provincial and federal governments will likely contribute more of my money for something I don’t want.

    Diane Pinkerton

  3. Granted, there are always ways government money can be spend and there is never enough to fill all needs and the arts has a place in our environment and our psyche. But 22 statues of prime ministers? What does that say? Does that reflect the main values and heritage of our city and country? What does it say about Diversity, Technology, Community? There is no diversity in a plethora of statues of white males. The community reflected is the “good ol’ boys network” and the technology is non-apparent. Of course there are even more dimensions to our community, but those were the first that came to mind. There has to be a better way to say whatever the government is trying to say with these statues. A more humane, caring response to the people and to our heritage.

  4. Walter pfeifer says:

    Are you kidding me, some of them prime ministers are also disgraced canada ,I don’t want to see them again, neither would I see my tax dollars go to this ridiculous project, there is unemployment, shelter shortage, homeless people,family with no roof and you want the citizen to pay 300 000.-for this, are this statues using the 500 000.-$ washrooms? the citizens are on the hook for? I say no no no,not with my tax dollars.

  5. John Stewart says:

    I go to the park to walk and relax, the last thing I want to be reminded of while I’m there is politicians – especially when it involves wasting tax money to put them there.

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