Seeking second term

In the 2010 municipal election, I was humbled to win the Ward 9 council seat by a single vote.

Now, in the 2014 election, I hope to double my majority….

All kidding aside, I have decided to seek a second term and would be very honoured to represent Ward 9 voters for another four years.

I would like to continue work I started during this term to strengthen and retain the urban health of inner-city communities while working to revitalize our downtown. I would also like to nurture our high-tech’ future and continue to create jobs in and around Ward 9’s Tannery district.

In addition, I want to do everything possible to protect Kitchener’s remaining manufacturing jobs, advocate on behalf of low-income families, safeguard the future of the Rockway Senior Centre, continue to advance ongoing improvements in Victoria Park and scrutinize the huge impacts Waterloo Region’s approaching Light Rail Transit project will have on the ward in the next few years.

After experiencing legitimate vote recounts and learning the value and impact of every single ballot, I hope ā€” no matter who wins ā€” that every constituent in Ward 9 and other parts of the city votes in Kitchener’s upcoming election.

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