Reduce city vehicles in Victoria Park

Fed up with noise and safety concerns caused by an increasing number of city vehicles using a satellite works yard  in Victoria Park, neighbouring homeowners will sound off at a Kitchener budget meeting Monday.

Supported by a 100-name petition, residents want council to remove vehicles not used directly for park maintenance from the  yard located adjacent to the playground area near Dill, David and Schneider Streets.

Since the closure of the nearby Bramm-Victoria city yard , a variety of sweepers, sidewalk plows and other vehicles used throughout the downtown and at other parks have been moved to Victoria Park along with a salt pile and a garbage-disposal site.

The homeowners  have my full support and I’m convinced a hybrid solution can be found other than the unimaginative options suggested by staff.

City officials who agree some vehicles could be parked under city hall predict it will cost up to $116,000 a year in lost time and fuel costs if vehicles are moved from the park to the  Kitchener Operations Facility in the city’s east end — a $60-million building originally created to serve the entire city and replace  satellite yards. Staff also warn it will cost at least $225,000 to recreate an alternate works yard and garage at Bramm Street.

You’re welcome to attend the public budget session that starts at 7 p.m in council chambers. A decision on the issue will then be made at Kitchener’s final budget meeting Jan. 30.

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1 Response to Reduce city vehicles in Victoria Park

  1. Rick Martin says:

    how is it nobody saw this problem in the planning process? Is there a planning process?

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