Cherry Park residents want to beautify Park Street

Photo: Mural

Mural proposed by the GUILD artist group for the former Granite Club near the corner of Agnes and Park Streets in Ward 9, Kitchener.

A very determined and patient group of Cherry Park residents want to turn two unattractive walls on Park Street into beautiful pieces of public art.

Largest of the two graffiti-attracting surfaces is at the Park Street end of the former Granite Club (paintball arena) off Agnes Street, a building recently purchased by the K-W Badminton Association. The other potential canvas is a retaining wall at Park and Glasgow at the rear of Kitchener Collegiate Institute.

The stunning, three-dimensional panel proposed at Park-Agnes was designed by a group of  friends who have backgrounds in architecture, fashion and industrial design.

Mural efforts have been organized for more than a year by Agnes Street resident Gwen Wheeler and members of the Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association’s public-art committee. I met recently with those very enthusiastic individuals in an effort to get city financial support for the projects. Mural plan for the smaller wall will be firmed up after Cherry Park members meet with school officials.

Gwen is the energetic resident who  tried to get a parkette established on the abandoned former gas-station site at the end of the same Agnes Street building. When that idea stalled because of  soil-contamination issues,  she persuaded parks officials to donate large planters where she nurtured a variety of summer flowers.

The Cherry Park mural proposals reflect the type of community spirit and effort that deserves all support possible from city officials.

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