Traffic calming in Victoria Park

Vehicle movement.
Those two words encapsulate the problem and possible solution for a group of frustrated residents living near a municipal works yard in Victoria Park.
The problem? Noise, traffic and safety concerns caused by an increasing number of city vehicles using the yard which is sandwiched between the park playground and the Iron Horse Trail adjacent to what is supposed to be a quiet, residential area.
The solution? Move vehicles not performing park maintenance out of the yard which is currently being used to service the downtown and other parks. A salt pile and debris currently dumped by sidewalk sweepers could also be moved from the site.
Council and staff are now working on options that will hopefully relocate some of the noisier vehicles not used to service Victoria Park to other city-owned facilities in and around the core. These include vehicles moved here after the city’s yard at nearby Bramm Street was closed.
I will continue to work closely with residents who took the issue to council during past months. While councillors worked on the budget process, trying to control tax increases, I am pleased to see the group took a financially responsible approach to their issue.
This included rejecting staff solutions that could have cost between $100,000 and $250,000. Instead, residents and staff propose to monitor the traffic problem while creating ways to reduce vehicles in and around Schneider, Dill and David streets.
My sincere thanks to community members willing to invest so much time and effort to maintain and nurture the health of our heritage community.

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