One swan a-swimming

At a very active time of year when birds do it, bees do it, squirrels do it etc etc, consider the sad story of our lonely Victoria Park swan who most certainly doesn’t do it.

Every spring I hope the swan will have found a suitable partner during its winter boarding time so it can enjoy a positive social life while helping to produce cygnets in the lake. Not only do I like swans and cygnets, I also like the territorial instincts that come with parenthood which, in turn, deters pesky Canada geese.

But, once again, I’m told by park staff that our very anti-social swan has chosen to ignore potential partners while lazing away at its winter resort.

Which means, in my book, this lonesome sumer should provide the swan song for our pretty but not too bright birdie. We need a couple swanning around out there who have some interest in raising a family.



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