Murray “the butler” likes to keep busy

They call Murray Weldon “the butler” on Kitchener’s Nyberg Street.
He got the nickname because the 70-year-old provides an amazing multiplicity of free services for other residents on his Ward 9 street.
Murray, who retired seven years ago, spends summer days doing weeding. grass-cutting, hedge-trimming and even the occasional house painting for neighbours.
In the winter, Murray often gets up at 4 a.m. to shovel sidewalks clear of snow all the way up Nyberg, occasionally stopping to scrape ice off neighbours’ car windows.
I discovered his extensive community service when I recently visited Nyberg to talk to residents about upcoming changes on the street which will include a new cycle path between Ottawa St.S. and Sydney St.S.
After talking to his neighbours, I took Murray a much-appreciated city plaque signed by yours truly and Mayor Carl Zehr as a small token of thanks for his outstanding neighbourhood actions.
When I asked him why he does the volunteer work he said he likes doing something meaningful.
“I want to keep busy,” he said. “You gotta keep busy.”

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