Bridging those empty election promises

After deflating hot-air, dreamboat election promises floated by provincial Liberals, Kitchener councillors came back to earth this week by approving construction of a new Margaret Street bridge.

We did so after realizing we can’t get clarity and additional information from Queen’s Park about the future of high-speed rail service between London and Toronto.

Council and staff have been stalling the bridge decision because, during the election, provincial politicians suggested high-speed rail service was a possibility in the near future. Which meant the new bridge would have to be longer, covering three or four tracks, instead of the two required by existing GO service.

The old bridge was closed for safety reasons in June, 2013.

Now, council has voted to build a two-track bridge because council and residents don’t want to wait years for the province to make good on its empty promises.

Which, in turn, could mean taxpayers waste $6.3 million on the two-track bridge if high-speed rail through Kitchener is introduced during the next 15 years and we find we require a longer span.

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