Fine tuning discord at Centre in the Square

Frank Etherington

As one of several councillors who try hard to control tax hikes, I resent the fact that a $1-million loss has been sprung on Kitchener taxpayers by the Centre in the Square (CITS).

I particularly don’t like being sideswiped by this surprise 2013 deficit when council has Mayor Carl Zehr and Councillors John Gazzola, Zyg Janecki and Bil Ioannidis sitting as CITS directors.

This debt at a facility that is a regional entertainment venue paid for by Kitchener residents was debated at council this week and I was not happy with answers received when I asked why council didn’t know earlier about the debt.

I understand the loss of income associated with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony Orchestra justifiably occupying premium weekend dates at the Centre. I also understand the fact that CITS suffered a financial hammering after several shows flopped.

What I don’t understand is the accumulated cost of years of neglected building maintenance and…

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