They’re not going to put me in the movies…


Bloopers upon bloopers.

That’s what happened as I struggled to calm my fluttering butterflies while prepping and participating in a Ward 9 debate on Rogers TV.

First off, I wrote a helpful blog telling people it was a live event airing that evening. I then found out it was not live and would not be broadcast until October (see previous, corrected blog which I managed to post twice).

After directing people to the show, I then discovered you have to be a Rogers customer in order to watch the debates.

At the start of the event, Rogers volunteers tested voice levels and moderator, Mike McCulloch, asked other candidates to count to ten.

To make things more interesting, he changed tack and asked me what I had for breakfast that day. This was after I had rehearsed the count to ten.

For a few long seconds, I couldn’t remember if it was Shreddies or Raisin Bran.

So I said cornflakes.

Then, for the debate, I wore a tie that made it difficult to breathe. I also had to wear my bifocals in order to read my notes.

I’m told by my darling wife, who is also my very comforting campaign manager, that this added to my scowling, grumpy debating image.

And, as the tiny, imperfect candidate, I was sandwiched between two much taller opponents.

During the debate , as I pontificated about the attributes of council helping to create a healthy and vibrant arts-culture community I referred to it as the “arts and craft” community.


And, thinking I was in council,  I blurted “point of order, Mr. Moderator” to a puzzled-looking Mr. McCulloch in mid-debate.

Finally, in my haste to escape the studio at the end of the debate, I forgot I was still attached to a lapel microphone and yanked it halfway across the studio.

Other than that, I think the event went well.

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2 Responses to They’re not going to put me in the movies…

  1. Patti Chmelyk (nee Ryan) says:

    Great post, Frank. Out of curiosity, did you happen to grow up in Walkerton and perhaps have a sister named Liz who Spent time in New Westminster, BC, Whitehorse, Yukon and moved to Australia in about 1979?

  2. Julian says:

    Nice post, Frank. I haven’t seen the debate, obviously. But perhaps the public will get the chance to see a competent, but imperfect, human being who cares about his ward, his city, and the community. Something many of us already know is true. Keep up your good work.

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