Pussycat would not approve of my vocal video performances.

Continuing my efforts to protect and preserve Ward 9’s beautiful neighbourhoods.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the land and I went to school, I had a schoolteacher dubbed “pussycat” because his name was Mr. Mews.

Mr Mews would holler at me “ENUNCIATE WITH FEELING, BOY” every time I grunted a reply to one of his questions.

I thought of Pussycat as I viewed my recently produced campaign videos where I outline some key campaign issues. Listening to my nasal, flat drone I realized what Mr Mews was talking about.

The videos are the work of my good friend and talented videographer Dwight Storring and I wish that my clumsy performances could match his excellent, skillful work.

Forgive the drone and take a look at the videos as they are presented between now and the October 27 election day.

Please let me know what you think.

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