“Landslide Frank” offers thanks for your support

Thanks, 2,322 times, my sincere thanks.

Approaching a new term as Ward 9 councillor, I would like to thank all 2,322 of you for your votes, kind words and support offered so generously on countless doorsteps during the recent campaign.

Considering the fact my 2010 win by a single vote swelled to a recent win by 1,402 votes has been a truly humbling experience.

On the humourous side, it helped cool those dubbing me “landslide Frank” and my darling campaign-manager wife who, for four years, has called me “the one-vote wonder.”

On a more serious note, I campaigned partly on a promise to work with ward neighbourhood groups, community police and bylaw enforcement officers to clean up eyesore properties and close down houses used for illegal drug sales and scrap-collection dumps.

I also pledged to do what I can to increased the supply of affordable housing in the city and monitor the impact on communities caused by development projects already having an impact on residents living near planned LRT stations and along a corridor adjacent to the rapid-transit route. Ward 9 includes seven stations plus a lengthy distance of LRT track through the downtown and inner-city neighbourhoods.

Just a few weeks after the election, I am already receiving calls and working on these ongoing issues.


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