Clamping down on Cherry Park dumping

Illegal dumping is an ongoing issue for some Ward 9 city residents who live in the Cherry Park neighbourhood.

The Strange Street entrance to the park serves as one of eight leaf drop-off sites across the city and staff say it is one of the busiest. It is also one of the most abused as contractors and others dump a wide assortment of waste in late fall and early winter.

Leaving aside obvious puns, calls handled by this councillor include complaints about leaves raked to roads in heavily-treed areas but not removed fast enough for residents. Others relate to mixtures of leaves and snow that block storm drains and create ice patches on roads while, at sites like Cherry Park, residents are upset about dumping.

Despite the efforts of bylaw officers and other staff, the site is frequently used to discard a wide assortment of assorted garbage including including large tree limbs and animal waste in addition to leaves. Dumping takes place up to nine months a year and often uses up parking spaces available for park visitors.

As ward councillor, I have asked city staff to increase site inspections and find ways to improve the situation.

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