Lost, Raving and traumatized by road works

“Can’t get there from here.”

That’s the message I expect to see on regional road signs soon as the LRT construction project digs its way under and through Ward 9.

Take a recent example of demented driving where I was late for (what else) an LRT problem-solving meeting involving businesses at the Ottawa-Charles intersection. I felt badly about being delayed until the regional rapid-transit official arrived late after being snared in traffic backups caused by LRT work.

I started my journey at Union Street and my first mistake was trying to get down Park Street where traffic was barely moving near Grand River Hospital.

Clear of that tangle, I came close to taking my usual easterly route along Charles Street but remembered it was closed. I was congratulating myself for opting to go through Victoria Park to Courtland when I realized that hundreds of other drivers were doing the same thing, resulting in a jam at David Street.

Proceeding along Courtland, I made the mistake of trying to turn left on Stirling to avoid construction on Courtland and get to Charles. Stirling was closed as was Borden Avenue. I eventually turned left on Kent only to discover that Charles was reduced to one lane with stop-go traffic.

After the meeting, I considered two options before driving back to downtown:

1. Book into a motel.

2. Go via Cambridge. Or perhaps Buffalo.

To avoid similar grief, I would recommend checking the LRT website rideion.ca before getting in your car.

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6 Responses to Lost, Raving and traumatized by road works

  1. Carmen says:

    Or, you know, take the bus or bike. I’ve been getting around Ward 9 just fine 🙂

  2. Glen says:

    You realize this is all a ploy to get you to use transit, it will take longer, but it might know the route.

  3. skulegirl says:

    Yup, Ed’s been gone with the car all week, and despite the rain, we’ve gotten around just fine on foot or bike. I love living in my downtown bubble where I never have to drive anywhere. 🙂

  4. Julian says:

    kinda’ sums up our frustration very well. I’ve considered the Bufallo detour myself :p

  5. mdryber says:

    We walked with our kids from our home over Cedar Hill to The Museum on Sunday. Was a great walk! Followed it up by eating downtown, getting some used books for the kids. Picked up some groceries at the B&T, and enjoyed a BBQ in my large, private backyard. Love this neighbourhood. Especially love listening to my brother complain he has no privacy in his “newly developed” neighbourhood. Teehee!

  6. Ted Martin says:

    Walking is wonderful, but even that has been greatly hampered by the LRT construction: what used to be a fairly direct 1km walk from my house in ward 10 to my brother’s in ward 9 is now a circuitous 2 km jaunt.

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