Here’s my two cents on refugee crisis

Kitchener councillors have agreed to donate $10,000 to help ease the growing refugee crisis in Europe.

With the exception of Ward 8 Coun. Zyg Janecki, councillors backed my motion to contribute the $10,000 to the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) , double the $5,000 originally suggested by Ward 4 Coun. Yvonne Fernandes.

Noting that the $5,000 represented about a two-cent donation for each Kitchener taxpayer, I argued that the generous and compassionate people in our charitable city would be more than willing to give a little more to cope with such an international disaster.

I hope regional residents will take the opportunity to make more generous personal donations to the MCC. And, during this lengthy election campaign, I also hope they put increased pressure on federal candidates — particularly our local Tory incumbents — to have Canada do more to aid an estimated 300,000 refugees fleeing wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan.

Half of that number are children.


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