Kitchener should reconsider CEI grant

Yours truly is still steaming about cultural bafflegab and the fact some local councillors are willing to throw good money after bad into a black hole called Creative Enterprise Initiative.

For that reason, I intend to try again to persuade certain Kitchener councillors to reconsider a vote that will give CEI $46,000 to “phase out” its failed project in 2016.

Since my first blog item about that vote, Waterloo council cut its $45,000 CEI grant by $12,000 but regional councillors agreed to pump yet another $141,000 into the Creative Enterprise flop.

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that the total $220,000 regional or municipal cash comes out of the same taxpayer pockets and, in this case, is undoubtedly at the expense of small arts-culture groups that desperately need financial support.

I would urge anyone interested in this ongoing CEI debacle to check how their ward councillor voted last week at committee and then register as a delegate with our clerk’s department in order to appear at council Monday Dec 14 at 7 p.m. to have your say.

As you research the topic, don’t forget that, since 2010, Creative Enterprise has soaked up about $1 million in arts funding that should have gone to our artistic community instead of, in part, toward inflated CEI salaries.

And remember that, in its final year, CEI still has a $317,000 budget and will pay out more than $250,000 for six staff members plus an assortment of writers.


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