Schneider’s village should include low-cost homes

Within easy reach of downtown and with Light Rail Transit as an immediate neighbour, it has the potential to be a new and complete Ward 9 community embraced by our rapidly-changing city.
By now, Maple Leaf Foods expects to have a buyer for the 11-hectare (27-acre) former Schneider’s site located between Courtland Avenue, Mill Street, Stirling Avenue and Ottawa Street.
I hope councillors, planners and developers will, in future months,  make certain the highest standards of urban design are used on a development where Schneider’s first established its historic meat-packing plant 91 years ago.
Maple Leaf officials have scrutinized about half a dozen bids for the huge property while planners consider a mixture of residential, light commercial and other potential uses on a site where, for decades, thousands of people have earned a living.
I have several hopes for a site that has such huge potential:
• That, instead of demolition, a few of the solidly-built existing buildings be converted for other uses;
• Schneider’s Creek, currently buried under the some of the site, be unearthed to form an attractive feature of any future community;
• That a small percentage of affordable housing forms part of the eventual development. Such a move — already being discussed and supported by local, low-cost housing providers — could perhaps take advantage of new provincial and municipal programs to provide incentives for developers willing to consider such housing.

I can’t think of a more appropriate legacy to the Schneider name on such an important and valuable site.

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1 Response to Schneider’s village should include low-cost homes

  1. Nicole Rasmussen says:

    I would like to see low-income housing made a priority with Municipal, Regional and Provincial government. It boggles my mind that so much money can be thrown into public transit while a small portion of could be used for adequate housing for the homeless and those whose income doesn’t even come close to covering expenses. Before we become a “bedroom” for Toronto and mirror Toronto, this is a must. There many of us who liked our area just as it was and are not thrilled with the direction it is taking. Please do not sacrifice what we have left to greedy developers and forget about the needy. And when you’re making deals, please make low-income housing a priority!

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