Honkers prepare to foul our downtown park

Victoria Park is bracing for the annual spring invasion of honking, hissing poop machines.

And so are pest-control staff as Canada geese start to nest and breed.

Between April and mid-June, pest-control workers hired by the city  will quietly monitor the pesky pond hoppers to pinpoint where they are nesting. Then, armed with a federal wildlife permit, they will implement various measures to control our local geese population.

Last year, while residents regularly complained about disgusting droppings, similar measures resulted in 220 eggs being destroyed in about 50 nests located around the park before the geese were rounded up in June and transported to summer camp in the Windsor area.

But don’t get me wrong. I think there are few things as beautiful as a V-formation of Canada geese flying south.

I just wish they would stay there.

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2 Responses to Honkers prepare to foul our downtown park

  1. David says:

    Their has been a great improvement in the Geese population in Victoria Park in just the past 2 years. I enjoy the park everyday, so i do appreciate our seasonal guests. It is a nice place to clear your mind.Throughout the seasons there are different events.

  2. Lisa Harmey says:

    If the population would permit paving, it could be cleaned as is common in urban areas…Didn’t the recent construction/redesign claim to solve the problem?

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