Proposed new Victoria Park sidewalks

Additional Victoria Park sidewalks will make things safer and easier for strolling pedestrians in coming months.
The new sidewalks, which have been a city priority for some time, will increase walkability and accessibility when they are constructed along portions of Jubilee Drive, David Street and Water Street South.
As plans developed for the asphalt or concrete sidewalks, efforts have been made to preserve the heritage nature of the downtown park and, because walkways will take a meandering route, they will not have a detrimental impact on existing trees and plantings.
The infill sidewalks will improve the existing, potentially dangerous situation where pedestrians approaching the park on Water Street South in winter months have to walk into the street approaching Jubilee because there are no sidewalks. And. on both David and the lake-side of Jubilee the updated sidewalks will fill in gaps in present walkways.
Once the sidewalks are built, is done, I hope to see some form of recognizable pedestrian crossing across Jubilee in front of the Boathouse that would link with the existing pathway around the Commons area of the park.

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2 Responses to Proposed new Victoria Park sidewalks

  1. will says:

    you should look into making the pathway towards the pond right beside the traintracks that leads up to city cafe on strange and victoria, many probs at night, some dont even consider going through the path at night

  2. Ward 9 resident says:

    Why not close Jubilee off in park completely to cars (at least south of Water and north of David)?

    That part of Jubilee isn’t a high volume city street, although it would disrupt connectivity in that neighbourhood a bit.

    Jubilee Dr AADT 8000 in 2003
    Park at Devon AADT of 7169 in 2007…lumes.xlsx

    831 movements are from Theresa, Heins, and Water cutting through the park (or about 415 round trips if assume same travel path out and back). There’s no data point for Jubilee/Courtland at David so it isn’t clear how many additional trips start in that vicinity, but the 415 trips could easily be accommodated on Joseph/Charles/West with minimal trip time added.

    It is already closed many weekends in the summer for festivals without causing gridlock.

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