Pokemon players should hold hands instead of handhelds


Watching hundreds of glassy-eyed Pokemon Go fanatics swarming around Victoria Park, I marvelled at how — eyes glued t0 mobiles — some didn’t end up in the lake along with the giant carp.

Gobsmacked at the popularity of the activity, I asked an expert to explain Pokemon only to learn it is a “free, location-based, augmented-reality, multiplayer online mobile game.”

Which did little to increase Pokemon understanding for this aging, technical dimwit.

I then wondered if one of our many local techies could piggy-back Pokemon and create a local-government app that would attract a similar volume of interest to mundane council and municipal issues.

In order to do so, we would either require a Poke-stop or Poke-lure at city hall or have councillors and top staff become Pokemon monsters and — ready to be “captured”— scuttle around city hall dressed up as snakes, dinosaurs, trees or dragons.

Yours truly would wear a Pokemon rat costume.

Our city clerk could also consider planting Pokemon critters at election polls as a way to attract gamers and improve our appalling voter turnouts.

For those who catch most critters, we could come up with a huge prize like a city pen, an Oktoberfest polka with our lederhosen-clad mayor or a pass to attend a council meeting that would go well beyond midnight considering issues like backyard chickens, dangerous (bad) dogs or ways to protect Ward 9 residents from an escapee python who was actually snoozing under a  refrigerator.

Kitchener could also further enhance its community and neighbourhood campaigns by encouraging Poke-people to abandon their handhelds in favour of holding real hands.

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3 Responses to Pokemon players should hold hands instead of handhelds

  1. Alim Nathoo says:

    Very well written Frank! :). I don’t even have the game on my phone. In fact, we need to focus more on community building, helping others, and spreading kindness. :).

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