Pork chop and good governance

In case you ever contemplate the very important municipal duties handled by an elected councillor, consider this:
On a recent Sunday afternoon, yours truly is standing in a Ward 9 backyard being nuzzled by a 100-pound miniature pig officially known as Jackie but lovingly dubbed “pork chop” by its owner.
I was visiting the pig in advance of a council meeting where staff had recommended an exemption to our animal bylaw that would permit Jackie to continue living in Kitchener.
On compassionate grounds, councillors were told by our lawyers and a family doctor that Jackie should be considered a service animal because the pet helps the owner cope with abuse of drugs and alcohol which, in turn, create anxiety and depression.
After meeting Jackie, I was able to confirm humane-society findings that the currently-dieting pig, which stands about 2 feet tall, is well cared for — perhaps spoiled — at a house it shares, on a friendly basis, with a 2-year-old boy and a dog owned by a fellow tenant that stands a little higher than the hog.
Our bylaw officials reported there have been no actual complaints about the pig and the humane society only learned about it from a neighbour when Jackie ventured out of its enclosed backyard to the front of the property where it was seen by a curious and startled neighbour.
The owner told me he prefers a pig because he’s not crazy about cats or dogs and believes Jackie will live for about 30 years.
Without debate, councillors approved the exemption for the pig who, in case you’re wondering, is house trained and has learned to ring a bell when it needs to go out to the backyard.

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1 Response to Pork chop and good governance

  1. Chuck Howitt says:

    I’ve heard of politicians with their snouts in the trough, but you’ve taken it to a new level.

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