Kitchener homeowners should learn more about RIENS

Intensified attention.
That’s what I believe is necessary for anyone living in an established area of Kitchener, including residents in heritage areas.
Homeowner attention is vital for an ongoing planning study known as Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods (RIENS).
I came to this conclusion this week after completing a bus tour of a few token city communities that opened my eyes to impacts of the study. It aims to intensify inner-city neighbourhoods and help prevent municipalities expanding into green areas.
That goal is worthwhile but, to date, I believe the study is short on communication with residents affected by planning changes. Homeowners in established neighbourhoods need much more information about proposed new policies.
During the tour, I learned that while planners will have additional development-control mechanisms included in RIENS municipal processes, few communities will be exempt from intensification, particularly areas where older homes are located on larger lots.
The tour was attended by planners, councillors, a few neighbourhood representatives and at least one developer. Participants looked at potential densities, building heights, setbacks, and garage locations for new developments.
Areas visited on the bus tour included Simeon, Pandora and Sydney Streets, Homewood Avenue, Vanier Drive and Kehl Street.
Interestingly, Homewood is part of the Victoria Park heritage area where I live and is being considered as a pilot project that could use special planning processes to examine the potential for new, low-rise houses.
Homeowners can get more information at or by attending a public meeting Thursday, Oct. 27 at Rockway Golf Course that starts at 6.30 p.m.
A final RIENS report will go to council later this year after public comments have been considered.

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4 Responses to Kitchener homeowners should learn more about RIENS

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  2. Martin says:

    Why keep saying “homeowners” instead of “residents”?

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  4. Mary Simard says:

    There are 3 responses to this but only one that I can see. Thank you Frank for this information which will greatly affect my decision for selling my home.

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