Council’s 2.5-hour cluck-cluck debate was no yolk

That was to be the only fowl pun I intended to use, but then yours truly was cooped up in council chambers for so long….

Egged on by numerous residents who flocked to council and asked councillors to lay a new bylaw, I came out of my shell and scrambled to permit chickens on condition it did not result in hiring additional bylaw-enforcement officers.

Despite the fact I grew up in England where a neighbour’s filthy coop attracted rats and mice, yours truly crossed the road and, because the sky wasn’t falling, voted to allow a  household to keep four chickens.

The eggsacting bylaw also includes the following:
* No roosters are allowed, chickens have to be banded and owners pay a one-time $50 fee when they register with the city.
* A coop has to be located 2.5 metres away from neighbours but the distance can be less on smaller lots if all neighbours agree.
* Coops will be inspected and must be clean and well ventilated.
* Owners are not allowed to slaughter hens or sell eggs and manure.

The bylaw will be ratified (mouse-ified?) at the Nov. 28 council meeting.

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2 Responses to Council’s 2.5-hour cluck-cluck debate was no yolk

  1. Chuck Howitt says:

    Sounds like there was lots of clucking and squawking on council over this.

  2. I guess many want sanitized lives. It is very stupid to have a by-law.for feeding animals. Maybe we should just ban all animals from the city. I grew up with chickens on the farm in Denmark. My grandmother slaughtered a chicken every Sunday for dinner. No big deal. Kitchener is a rather small city where local government has big city thinking.

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