Theron well deserves Kitchener’s city-builder award

Theron Kramer, a quiet community activist and friend I have admired and respected for almost 50 years has been awarded a prestigious Kitchener award.

After the Mayor’s city-builder award was presented at council last night, I was given the opportunity to say a few words.

I said that many of us talk a lot about doing the right thing but, because such action can be unpopular and provoke negative push back, few are strong enough to consistently have the courage of our convictions.

I also said that, for decades, Theron has found the energy and courage to be the principled conscience and champion of an inclusive city and community he helped create and build.

I concluded that for his unfailing efforts, we were most certainly doing the right thing honouring him with the award.


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2 Responses to Theron well deserves Kitchener’s city-builder award

  1. Glen Woolner says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Frank. You are certainly right with your comments. I have enjoyed sitting on many committees with Theron and enjoyed/appreciated the contribution he made. Glen Woolner

  2. Chuck Howitt says:

    Right on, Frank! Congrats to Theron. This honour is well deserved.

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