Gwen Wheeler gets her mural…finally

Gwen Wheeler is a very patient and tenacious Cherry Park resident.
In past years she has planted pots of flowers and struggled to clean up a scruffy former gas-station site owned by Suncor Energy that fronts on Park Street at Agnes.
And, since 2011, with the support of volunteers, she along with Cherry Park resident Tracy Suerich, spearheaded efforts to complete what is now a gorgeous display of public art by Design Guild that was finally unveiled in June as part of Neighbours Day on the south-west wall of the Agnes Street K-W Badminton Club (former Granite Club).
After residents helped pick the final artistic design for the project at the 2012 Cherry Festival, plans inched forward to complete the mural along with a second art installation on the Park Street retaining wall at Glasgow crafted by KCI students and staff.
At Agnes, plans were stalled when the building was put up for sale in 2012 only to be reintroduced when the Badminton Club bought the property in 2013.
After further setbacks involving a survey and a building permit because the art work projected a few inches too far from the wall, Guild artists redesigned the mural known as Tessellation Garden.
Along the way financial backing and support for for the project came from the the city, Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association, K-W Community Foundation, Momentum Developments, the Zehr Group, Seaborn Manufacturing in Waterloo, Swanson’s Home Hardware, 2 Tall Guys painters and the Badminton Club.
Additional plans are now proceeding to create a landscaped garden under the mural.

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