Heritage hassle, Jubilee crossing and condo at Nougat site

Out with the old and in with the new.
That seems to be the situation in and around Victoria Park where, in recent weeks, a considerable amount seems to be happening.
First development involves what is shaping up to be a major heritage hassle between city and regional officials.
The Region wants to flatten two houses it owns south of Joseph Schneider Haus on Queen in order to expand the heritage property and add a green garden area. However, Kitchener heritage officials oppose the proposal because they believe it represents a dangerous precedent to the residential character of the city’s existing Victoria Park heritage neighbourhood.
I have suggested in an earlier blog that the properties should be used for affordable housing.
Second development, a pedestrian crossing scheduled to be in place in August, will hopefully increase safety on Jubilee Drive near the bottom of Water Street South. After its use is studied by city traffic officials, other crossings could be added at other Jubilee locations.
Third project involves an attractive condominium development on the former Nougat Bakery site and the ugly, neighbouring auto business next to the Iron Horse Trail. The development — an 11-storey condo fronting on Queen Street dropping to a six-storey building at the rear facing David Street — will start with demolition of existing buildings. Construction is likely to continue into 2018.
I’m pleased to say it will finally clean up the junkyard adjacent to an important entrance to the trail at Queen Street. Now, we need to see the same improvements at another eyesore site where the trail crosses West Avenue.

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1 Response to Heritage hassle, Jubilee crossing and condo at Nougat site

  1. Isabella Connachan says:

    Happy to hear about the proposed condo on nougat bakery site. As Queen Street is supposed to be a heritage neighborhood why then are there some houses on queen street in need of repair or front yards cleaned up they are a mess especially from rail tracks up to highland. Surely the city has some responsibility in keeping up with property standards and keeping this neighborhood the historical district it is supposed to be. Thank you for looking into the mess of some of these properties especially the one on the corner of Queen and Highland

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