During budget, facile Facebook items cause spiteful spat

This is an example of what you elect people to do at budget time when they’re supposed to be setting your property taxes.

In this spiteful spat on Facebook, our touchy twosome — Councillors John Gazzola and Yvonne Fernandes — last week wanted to immobilize the mobiles of Mr. Mayor and fellow councillors.

Here’s grumpy Gazzola:

“Wish some COK Councillors (you know who you are ) would put away mobile devices & show a little respect to speakers who may have an opposing view to yours. The reality is (how many times have you heard that) high school days are over.”

Followed by fuming Fernandes:

“Finished operations budget in the shortest time since on Council. Guess which Councillor spent the majority of time on their Blackberry? I guess budget is of no concern to them!”

To which Coun. Dave Schnider took exception today before capital budget debate even got started. Because the twosome didn’t name or shame said offending Blackberry user, Schnider said all councillors, God forbid, had been unfairly tarred and tainted with the same brush.

Stick-handling the huge issue, Schnider insisted  councillors often use their Blackberries during meetings to reply to resident complaints.

Or, I would quickly add, try to stay awake or calm rumbling tummies by emailing home to find out what’s for dinner during endless questions from Gazzola and Fernandes.

Words of wisdom to Coun. Dave from this aging columnist. Develop a thick skin, ignore your critics and never give them the satisfaction of a response.

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