New sign of development interest in Cherry Park

It looks like the Ward 9 development tsunami mentioned in an earlier blog is now blowing into the Cherry Park area of Ward 9.

This week I learned from nearby residents and business contacts that a new partnership of local and national developers scheduled to build the massive Sixo Midtown project opposite the Light Rail Transit hub on King Street West is negotiating to buy  the K-W Badminton Club property at Park and Agnes Streets.

The property, formerly the old Granite Club,  is at the rear of Victoria and Bramm Streets where condo’ towers are already being built.

In coming months, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sixo, which already owns property on the fringe of Cherry Park that will house at least a thousand  new residents in condos and apartment towers between the CN tracks and Wellington Street, buy other properties near the Badminton Club.

The potential Badminton Club purchase forms part of the spinoff impacts of a $1.5-billion LRT-related development expected in Kitchener during the next three years.

And, as I have said before, while I see that boom as potentially healthy intensification for Kitchener’s inner city, I’m  worried about the protection and preservation of established neighbourhoods like Cherry Park and the negative impact of development on already-exhausted recreational facilities in nearby Victoria Park.

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