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Invest in city, give Queen-King Streets the royal treatment

Combining imaginative planning vision with quality design in order to boost and create downtown revitalization is always expensive but Kitchener has already proved the cost is worth the investment. Which is why I support a dynamic $1.8-million city proposal in … Continue reading

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Gwen Wheeler gets her mural…finally

Gwen Wheeler is a very patient and tenacious Cherry Park resident. In past years she has planted pots of flowers and struggled to clean up a scruffy former gas-station site owned by Suncor Energy that fronts on Park Street at … Continue reading

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Kitchener councillors political art of public appearance

If you care about creation of a downtown arts-culture facility in one of Kitchener’s few city-owned heritage buildings, I would suggest you speak up at Monday’s June 6, council meeting. The session starts at 7 p.m. and you can register to … Continue reading

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Providing a home for art, culture and high tech’

It’s refreshing to see Kitchener councillors and staff recognize the benefits that result from efforts to nurture arts, culture and heritage values. It’s about time, even if it could mean a substantial investment of tax dollars. Councillors participated recently in the … Continue reading

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Finally a historic-building victory in anti-heritage Kitchener

When it comes to protection of Kitchener’s historic buildings, we all have a responsibility to be aggressive watchdogs of our declining stock of downtown heritage assets. In Ward 9, that responsibility has been shared for more than five years by residents, … Continue reading

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Too little, too late in non-creative CEI spat

The average artist in Waterloo Region lives below the poverty line, earning $25,000-$30,000 a year. Tonight, at Waterloo Regional Council, Creative Enterprise Initiative (CEI) — a group supposedly formed to help those artists and small arts-culture groups — will ask … Continue reading

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Bringing down the costly curtain on CEI

It had all the makings of a theatrical tragedy tinged with shades of ironic comedy. First act: Kitchener councillors this week heard a passionate appeal from the Multicultural Theatre Space, one of our most talented local theatre companies, asking us to reconsider a … Continue reading

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Disappointed with Record’s column about Centre

I wrote this article for The Record’s editorial page. It was published today, Saturday. Following is the unchanged, original version: Here we go again, squaring off about the Centre. And before entering the fray, I would say that during a … Continue reading

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Wasted words of arts-culture wisdom

One eyeopener I have experienced since shuffling from an ink-stained media hack to a dark-side councillor position has been the attention and interpretation given in your average news story to my astounding words of wisdom. On that note, I would like to repeat … Continue reading

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Front-porch politics in Kitchener’s vibrant Ward 9

Your vote counts. That’s the powerful lesson learned when I was elected by a single vote in 2010 that I would like to communicate before tomorrow’s election. And, based on subsequent conversations with hundreds of people convinced that they each cast … Continue reading

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