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Fare thee well Ward 9 residents

Quoting from my distant musical folky days, ’“Goodbye is too good a word…so I’ll just say fare thee well.” That Bob Dylan lyric comes from the song “Don’t Think Twice,” something I’ve done many times in recent weeks. With mixed … Continue reading

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Theron well deserves Kitchener’s city-builder award

Theron Kramer, a quiet community activist and friend I have admired and respected for almost 50 years has been awarded a prestigious Kitchener award. After the Mayor’s city-builder award was presented at council last night, I was given the opportunity to say … Continue reading

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Reaction to Trump and Muslim deaths make me glad I live in Kitchener

Following the horrendous slaughter of six Quebec Muslims partly enabled by racist words from a U.S. President, I was grateful to live in Waterloo Region during such a sad, depressing week. Deeply troubled, I’m proud of local actions and responses witnessed during … Continue reading

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“Landslide Frank” offers thanks for your support

Thanks, 2,322 times, my sincere thanks. Approaching a new term as Ward 9 councillor, I would like to thank all 2,322 of you for your votes, kind words and support offered so generously on countless doorsteps during the recent campaign. Considering the fact … Continue reading

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Front-porch politics in Kitchener’s vibrant Ward 9

Your vote counts. That’s the powerful lesson learned when I was elected by a single vote in 2010 that I would like to communicate before tomorrow’s election. And, based on subsequent conversations with hundreds of people convinced that they each cast … Continue reading

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Sick of me, me, me

This past week yours truly has been preparing for the October 27 election. Which means completing literary work on brochures that we will deliver to Ward 9 doorsteps so you can put them in your recycling boxes. It also means making certain … Continue reading

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