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Kitchener councillors political art of public appearance

If you care about creation of a downtown arts-culture facility in one of Kitchener’s few city-owned heritage buildings, I would suggest you speak up at Monday’s June 6, council meeting. The session starts at 7 p.m. and you can register to … Continue reading

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Finally a historic-building victory in anti-heritage Kitchener

When it comes to protection of Kitchener’s historic buildings, we all have a responsibility to be aggressive watchdogs of our declining stock of downtown heritage assets. In Ward 9, that responsibility has been shared for more than five years by residents, … Continue reading

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Democracy flattened during the Mayfair demolition derby

  One last kick at the Mayfair issue — a gentle one because I’m told the shabby old building might collapse on my foot. This dismayed downtown councillor is absolutely gobsmacked that, a few hours before a majority of councillors … Continue reading

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Contact your councillor in response to the Mayfair mayday

So here’s your chance to achieve a reprieve for Kitchener’s Mayfair Hotel at King and Young Streets. The expanding issue is scheduled for a vote at Monday evening’s council meeting. What’s known as a reconsideration vote will determine if the … Continue reading

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Wrecking ball will soon disturb our Mayfair slumber

Kitchener’s procedurally-shackled heritage committee met yesterday to belatedly contemplate the rapidly approaching demolition of the former Mayfair Hotel next door to city hall. And what direct action was taken by committee members and heritage staff who were not consulted on … Continue reading

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