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Invest in city, give Queen-King Streets the royal treatment

Combining imaginative planning vision with quality design in order to boost and create downtown revitalization is always expensive but Kitchener has already proved the cost is worth the investment. Which is why I support a dynamic $1.8-million city proposal in … Continue reading

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Fix city hall despite multi-million cost

The staggering $7-10 million price tag is undoubtedly difficult to swallow but the long-term value is worth the cost. That’s my conclusion after considering recommended options to maintain and upgrade our city hall considered this week by council. A final decision on how … Continue reading

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Pokemon players should hold hands instead of handhelds

  Watching hundreds of glassy-eyed Pokemon Go fanatics swarming around Victoria Park, I marvelled at how — eyes glued t0 mobiles — some didn’t end up in the lake along with the giant carp. Gobsmacked at the popularity of the activity, … Continue reading

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Kitchener councillors political art of public appearance

If you care about creation of a downtown arts-culture facility in one of Kitchener’s few city-owned heritage buildings, I would suggest you speak up at Monday’s June 6, council meeting. The session starts at 7 p.m. and you can register to … Continue reading

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Finally a historic-building victory in anti-heritage Kitchener

When it comes to protection of Kitchener’s historic buildings, we all have a responsibility to be aggressive watchdogs of our declining stock of downtown heritage assets. In Ward 9, that responsibility has been shared for more than five years by residents, … Continue reading

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Free parking scheme hopes to attract core shoppers

What’s free but could cost at least $160,000? That’s an estimate for a free parking proposal designed to help struggling downtown stores cope a retail slump combined with ongoing construction chaos, closed roads and detours caused by Light Rail Transit (LRT). … Continue reading

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Contact your councillor in response to the Mayfair mayday

So here’s your chance to achieve a reprieve for Kitchener’s Mayfair Hotel at King and Young Streets. The expanding issue is scheduled for a vote at Monday evening’s council meeting. What’s known as a reconsideration vote will determine if the … Continue reading

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Heritage deferral demolished in haste to flatten Mayfair

Now that a majority of councillors have voted to flatten yet another downtown historical building, I will soon be left searching the rubble for answers to questions about how the few remaining heritage structures in the core can be saved. … Continue reading

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In 2015, LRT stands for ‘Lots of Raucous Times’

Prepare for noise, dust and traffic disruption throughout Ward 9 neighbourhoods in the rest of 2015 as the massive LRT project moves down the track. Kitchener councillors recently approved a noise exemption that will extend from March 1  until December 31 to allow … Continue reading

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Front-porch politics in Kitchener’s vibrant Ward 9

Your vote counts. That’s the powerful lesson learned when I was elected by a single vote in 2010 that I would like to communicate before tomorrow’s election. And, based on subsequent conversations with hundreds of people convinced that they each cast … Continue reading

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