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Swap Ward 9 vote for fat cat?

“Lovely cat,” the candidate gushed as the woman opened the door on Highland Avenue Wednesday evening. “It’s way too fat,” she said. “It is a little chubby,” cautious canvassing candidate said. “We miss our cat. He died recently .” “Sorry … Continue reading

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Ward 9 housing instead of toxic soil

Last night unearthed personal memories of past Record columns and a group of residents who successfully beat city hall. I recalled those columns as we canvassed the attractive housing development fronting on Highland Road near Queen Street, site of what … Continue reading

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Pooch vote in Ward 9

We spent Labour Day getting soggy on heritage-area streets within sight of St. Mary’s Hospital. Neighbourhood issues ranged from parking-permit problems to backed-up sewers and lack of snow clearing and road maintenance. Residents continue to ask about light-rail transit (they’re … Continue reading

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Cats and dogs in Ward 9, Kitchener

Out of the sky and on dozens of doorsteps there were cats and dogs most of the weekend. In addition to the weather, canvassing has its moments. Like the one sitting in the lobby of a high-rise building nursing sore … Continue reading

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On Homewood Ave., Gemma writes stories

Canvassing Homewood Avenue, one of the most vital, neighbourly and beautiful streets around Ward 9’s Victoria Park, a delightful highlight of our Friday night was a little girl called Gemma. Sitting at a small table on her front lawn, Gemma … Continue reading

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In Kitchener, watch or listen to Frank

Rogers TV should be commended for programming a series of all-candidate debates for the October 25 election. The one-hour debate for Ward 9 council candidates will be live Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. on Rogers TV Cable 20 in Waterloo … Continue reading

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Rain almost stops play in Ward 9

A spectacular storm and heavy rain forced us indoors last night. We — my darling wife, Sue and I — canvassed apartment buildings on the edge of Victoria Park. In those buildings, a number of residents expressed concern about two … Continue reading

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Overheated Ward 9 canvassing

Please don’t be alarmed at that very sweaty guy banging on your door. It’s yours-truly candidate dripping on your doorstep, out begging for votes and turning soggy at the edges in 30-degree-plus weather. Today (Thursday) I plan to be on … Continue reading

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Ward 9 and speeding drivers

As I canvas different parts of the ward, I’m hearing frequent complaints about voters and their children put at almost risk by drivers speeding through residential neighbourhoods. Based on personal experience — we have low-rise speed bumps on the narrow … Continue reading

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